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the Nano: Bombay Talkies. Copyright 2009, Chhavi Sachdev


On April 1, the long awaited “people’s car” – the Tata Nano made its debut at select car dealerships in Mumbai. We went over to one in the evening and talked to (and recorded) a few of the eager people milling about. We got information on the feel of the car, how the bookings work, if tall people can fit in it, whether it really is much smoother for “elderly people and ladies” (as per the PR machine of Tata Motors, anyway) and lots more fun feedback.
I should have added that the Nano follows Euro III (Bharat Stage III) emission norms – the only car to have all its roll outs throughout the country. (Smaller cities have lower emission standards.)

Bombay Talkies 1.1: The Tata Nano (Sonologue, India) April 2, 2009


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3 thoughts on “Bombay Talkies: The Tata Nano

  • Smriti Isaac

    Very nicely done, my dear! crisp, but laid-back commentary and spot interviews. all the info very useful, although i’d have liked to know also how fast it goes and how fuel-efficient (mpg?) and perhaps environmentally friendly it is. nice background music too!

  • chhavi Post author

    @Ayush, thanks, I will 🙂
    @Smriti, thank you. I put in an addendum about the environmentally friendly aspect in the post’s text.
    The credit and kudos for the background music go to my friend and composer extraordinaire Suddhakar Verma 🙂