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To mark the 25th anniversary of the Bhopal/Union Carbide gas leak, RNW commissioned us to do a several part series on what things are like now. For the human rights angle on things, visit The State We’re In to stream audio on the various pieces – an interview with Sathyu Sarangi, the lynchpin of citizen activism; a portrait of the Chingari Trust which treats the children who live with poisoned […]

Bhopal – then and now

We air our clean linen in public, talking about the right to dry our clothes outside. Some housing associations ban it, but forcing people to use dryers is expensive and bad for the planet. India is following in America's footsteps – but in a land where clothes drying seems to be in people’s genes, will the dryer ever replace the clothes line? Sonologue's commentary on line drying the laundry was featured on RNW's Earthbeat today. Download by right clicking here

Dry Fighting

This episode of Bombay Talkies features Cariya Breeman, an American culinary artist who’s guest chefing a 9-course vegetarian dinner at Valhalla on the 27th and 28th of October. She talked to Sonologue about what culinary art is ...

Bombay Talkies: Culinary Art with Cariya Breemen

All week long, we're celebrating Joy of Giving week. Indians have been singled out for being pretty damn stingy with their time and money. In July, Mint carried an exegesis on "Why Indians don't give back to society." This is a counter-movement.

Bombay Talkies: The Joy of Giving week – ft. Karmayog

Meet the Author: Janhavi Achrekar, who has just published her first collection of short stories. In this interview she talks about the struggle to get published, how the scenario has changed for Indian authors, her other projects and about the book, "Window Seat."

Meet the Author: Janhavi Achrekar

Big FM and Radio Misty experiment with new shows Big FM, the radio initiative from Adlabs Films Ltd, has launched a new show titled ‘Yecherikay’ (Caution!), which deals with the supernatural, occult, and ghosts. The show airs Monday to Friday between 11.00 pm and 1:00 am. The RJ of the show will be visiting ‘alleged’ haunted houses in the city and would also speak to listeners to share their […]

e4m: Big FM and Radio Misty experiment with new ...