The State of Radio: episode 1, Aug 25, 2008

24 Aug 2008 | Podcast: The State of Radio | 3 comments

the state of radio

the state of radio

Here goes … everything. Sonologue’s first episode on the State of Radio is ready for consumption. This is something that my friend Rajesh Lalwani (and to a great degree Gaurav, too) has been pushing me to do for a while … but in print.
This week, I’m looking at a few new station launches in India, including India’s first real NGO-run community radio station, Q2 results from the RAB in the US and  iWorldspace, as well as a UK study on podcasting and what the numbers mean for radio listenership.
Take a listen, and do leave feedback.

The State of Radio 1.1 (Sonologue, India) August 25, 2008

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  1. Gaurav Mishra

    Hi Chhavi,

    I’m so glad that you started the podcast. I like the content and totally love the tone of the podcast. Looking forward to more of these.

  2. smriti isaac

    Great job, Chhavi! Nice, well-modulated voice (a little more assertive w/ the delivery won’t hurt, though!) and interesting content about the state of the radio and stats on podcasts, etc. I didn’t know any of that before this! one small observation: somehow, it doesn’t sound fair to sign off w/ the line: we’ll talk more next time… you know, when its a monologue and all! but other than that, i have only kudos for you! Keep it up, and all the best,

  3. Devakishor

    Enjoyed listening to your podcast, didn’t know there are so many fm radio stations coming up in the NE. It was about time. Totally agree about the content of Indian radio stations.. most of them are just useless crap.



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