#HappyToBleed – my conversation with DW’s WorldLink about the campaign   Recently updated !

I spoke with Nikita Azad who started a small revolution on social media for DW’s WorldLink program late last week and it was in Friday’s show.
The hashtag #HappyToBleed started with an open letter on an online activist forum that went viral, challenging the patriarchy that forbids women who are menstruating — a normal, universal biological function — from entering a temple. The spark? A remark by the chief priest at the Sabrimala temple … but listen to the story for more. Continue reading


Frothing lakes in Bangalore – My story on PRI’s The World

The Indian city of Bangalore is known not only as the IT hub of India but also the City of Lakes. But recently, residents were shocked when one of those lakes caught fire. Over the last year the surface of two city lakes, Vathura and Bellandur, has become covered in froth. When it rains, white foam runs through streets as if a giant washing machine had exploded in the city. And it really is as though a washing machine did because a lot of that froth is washing detergent (along with an astonishingly high amount of untreated sewage) as I found when I spoke to T. V. Ramachandra at the Indian Institute of Science. Dr. Ramachandra is the scientist who studied the phenomenon and submitted a report to the government back in June. What’s causing this? What’s changed? How does it affect the people?
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Bangalore Mirror photo

ivory haul

Ivory Queen caught in Tanzania – web piece for PRI’s The World

During my week long apprenticeship (“guest interning”, I called it) at PRI’s The World in Boston’s WGBH studios, I worked with senior producer Traci Wong to help find sources and then pre-interview the reporter who covered the story on the ground. The notorious Ivory Queen turns out to be a 66-year-old Chinese expat in Africa. […]