Black-and-orange Flycatcher BY Prasenjeet Yadav
Take a remote misty mountain range known as the sky islands. Birds that have been cut off from their fellows and doing their own thing for around five million years. A conservationist is using unusual methods to help preserve some very special birds. My story on @vvrobin & @DJEcotone’s bird […]

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For The Cultural Frontline, I interviewed artist Roshnee Desai who has designed a taxi upholstery fabric “Only for men” that aims to turn sexism on its head. Her views, verbatim, in the podcast from January 9. It was broadcast on the BBC’s new The Cultural Frontline podcast on January 9. […]

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I spoke with Nikita Azad who started a small revolution on social media for DW’s WorldLink program late last week and it was in Friday’s show. The hashtag #HappyToBleed started with an open letter on an online activist forum that went viral, challenging the patriarchy that forbids women who are […]

#HappyToBleed – my conversation with DW’s WorldLink about the campaign

Holding up Ammiji's sari
For Indian women, saris mark crucial points in our lives: Festivals, coming of age, weddings. We buy saris but, at least early on, we inherit them. The crux of this piece is a sari I inherited from Ammiji (my paternal grandmother) and how I want to hold on to it […]

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Bangalore Mirror photo 1
The Indian city of Bangalore is known not only as the IT hub of India but also the City of Lakes. But recently, residents were shocked when one of those lakes caught fire. Over the last year the surface of two city lakes, Vathura and Bellandur, has become covered in […]

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